Biofuel and Bioenergy

First thing that comes to mind is that why put the effort into biofuel when we have fossil fuels. But for how long will this fossil fuel last ? Is it enough ? No, it will never be enough and as our population size is increasing we all know that one day we will run […]

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Current technologies in field of microbial biotechnology

Recent advances in microbial biotechnology’s techniques has revolutionized in the field of agricultural, food, medical, industrial, bio material & bio energy. Use of next generation generation sequencing (NGS) & meta-genomics has diversified its application [1]. Agricultural technologies Microbe has been used for the development of bio fertiliser (PGPR), bio nematocides and genetic modified plant with […]

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Microbial biotechnology is a key knowledge‐based bio business that has applications in almost all aspects of life and society and it will be a major driver of enterprise and employment creation in the future, knowingly it have the potential to Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for […]


Scopes and Applications of Microbiology

Microbiology is an extensive field of bioscience and recent world is more attracted towards microbial interactions and their vast applications. Microbiology is integrated with microbial studies and its research oriented motives. Microbes are also termed as the molecular machinery of nature which recycles everything that seems a waste to us into useful products and ecosystem […]

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